inala (inala) wrote,

Magazine Catch Up 1

This is the first of a few posts to catch up on various TV magazines from the start of the year.

Sharing here various issues of Weekly the Television, TV Guide, Monthly TV Guide.

TV Guide 2015.01.18 - 6.7Mb - MF

TV Guide 2015.01.31 - 11.2Mb - MF

TV Guide 2015.02.27 - 17.2Mb - MF

TV Guide 2015.04.01 - 2.5Mb - MF

TV Guide 2015.04.10 - 7.7Mb - MF

Weekly the Television 2015.01.18 - 5.5Mb - MF

Weekly the Television 2015.02.27 - 10.8Mb - MF

Monthly TV Guide 2015.04 - 19.9Mb - MF


Tags: magazine, scans, the television, tv guide
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