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Magazines - May 2015 - Batch 2

Sharing the May issues of Duet, Potato and WinkUp which feature a cover and 2 posters.

I'm a little behind due to the fact that for some reason Potato was a little harder to source than usual.

WinkUp probably has the best coverage in this group. NEWS is on the cover and has a proper group poster. It seems that WinkUp managed to get NEWS together for the cover and poster shoot. But for the inside shoot, as with the other mags, it's clear that Shige and Tegoshi had their shoots together while Koyama and Massu were separate.

This would also explain why the Duet poster is another of those 4 panel solo shot combinations - which explains why you may have seen the individual shots in other places, though not necessarily in their poster format. I have also included the posters in 2 sizes in the zip files.

Duet 2015.05 - 18Mb - MF


Potato 2015.05 - 16Mb - MF

WinkUp 2015.05 - 22Mb - MF




Apr. 21st, 2015 03:50 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for sharing.