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White Tour Photo Sets and Clearfiles

Sharing another round of goodies from the NEWS White tour.

These are the photo sets and clearfiles. And it wasn't until I got the photos and opened them that I realised we now got 5 photos in a set rather than the 4 we got in the past. These seems mainly due to price rise for photos from 150 yen to 160 yen. So photosets used to be 600 yen (4x150) and now they are 800 yen (5x160).

As usual though, these are a nice set of photos. And the clearfiles, although only in black and white are also particularly attractive.

Group - MF

Koyama - MF

Shige - MF

Massu - MF

Tegoshi - MF

Clearfiles - All - 7.6Mb - MF

All Zips - Photos and Clearfiles - 21.5Mb - MF


Mar. 31st, 2015 12:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for always sharing.