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NEWS 09-10 Calendar - clean scans

So it was inevitable -  I've scanned the NEWS 09-10 Calendar.

It's a tricky item. A four ring A4 binder whose contents are designed to be attached to the two included plastic ends in various combinations and hung on the wall. So each picture has holes from the binder and creases from being folded into the binder.

And in answer to requests, these scans remove the holes, join all the sections of each picture together to make a whole image and get rid of the creases.

Very pretty ...

Small sample images

I've scanned the images in two sizes (see below) and made a zip of each size. They contain:  the 19 calendar images, the poster and a head and shoulders crop from the long individual photos. A total of 27 images.

ZIP1 - 56Mb - MF

ZIP2 - 28Mb - MF

Preview of calendar contents:

Also for anyone interested, these are the instructions on how to put the calendar together. Why do NEWS calendars always need so many instructions, though it's definitely simpler than putting that cardboard stand together for the 07-08 calendar.

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