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More Yamapi and Koyama Concert Photos

Back to share some more photosets of Pi and Kei.

These photos are from the latter stages of the tour and include MOLA, Murarisuto and Schoolgirl Tegoshi. Also, in almost half the photos one of them seems to have forgotten to wear a shirt :)

(These sample images are smaller and lower quality than those in the zip files.)

Yamapi (42 pics - 27Mb - MF  MU)

Koyama (50 pics - 35Mb - MF  MU)



Feb. 16th, 2009 07:17 am (UTC)
Yeah, Pi definitely brings in the fans! but I got pulled into NEWS with Tegoshi and then TegoMasu. hehe.

Lol, Pi is certainly all of that but I always forget, he's so dorky at times that you forget he's the leader.

Kei could definitely use a drama lead!! I've actually thought about this, too. After much thought, I can see him being a huge baseball star and one day he gets hit on the head with a ball, giving him amnesia. :( so, he forgets about how to play and even forgets his gf/fiance so the girl (who I can't pick!!) tries to bring back his memories. lol. that's as far as I got. i'm tempted to ask this on the NEWS comm, it would be interesting to see what people come up with! i have this friend who said it's kind of hard to see Kei playing a lead and it's kind of true. :(

haha, this got long, too!