inala (inala) wrote,

Magazines - Myojo & Popolo Feb 2013 + end of year mags catch up

Back with the last round of magazine scans for the year. In fact, most of them are dated 2013 already!

Sharing the latest issues of Myojo and Popolo including a wide poster from Popolo (which I have included in 2 sizes). Also included in this post are various issues of TV Pia, TV LIFE, TV Guide and Weekly The Television as part of the end of year magazine wrap up.

There are a number of double spread pages and a section from the TV Guide large poster of many Johnnys groups (the NEWS cut is only about half a page in size). There was also a return of NEWS in Myojo modelling goods.

Thanks to everyone for a memorable year and here's to 2013 - May NEWS have many opportunities to increase their profile and secure new opportunities before the hammer falls on them being 10!

Happy New Year!

Myojo 2013.02 - 23.6Mb - MF

Popolo 2013.02 - 13.2Mb - MF


TV Guide 2013.01.21 - 6Mb - MF

TV Pia 2013.01.14 - 9.8Mb - MF

Weekly The Television 2013.01.14 - 4.4Mb - MF

TV LIFE 2013.01.06 - 6.8Mb - MF

TV Pia 2012.12.21 - 8.3Mb - MF

TV Pia 2012.12.07 - 6Mb - MF

Tags: magazine, myojo, popolo, scans, the television, tv guide, tv life, tv pia
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