inala (inala) wrote,

Hello, Goodbye - Pamphlet, Flyer & Postcard set

Sharing scans of the goodies from Koyama's play Hello, Goodbye which has been playing now for 2 weeks in Tokyo and has one more week to run before moving to Osaka for 6 performances.

So here you'll find the full scan of the pamphlet as well as the front of the one-sheet flyer/poster used in the promotions.

The additional goods for this play are a postcard book - a double fronted book with a set of 10 Hello postcards and a set of 10 Goodbye postcards. Each postcard also has a short message on the back, so, even though I haven't included the backs of the postcards in the previews they are part of the zip file.

Pamphlet and flyer - 104Mb - MF


Postcard book - 39Mb - MF

Tags: hello goodbye, koyama, pamphlet, scans
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