inala (inala) wrote,

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

I've finally found the time to scan the rest of my major photo haul from my recent trip to Japan ... and for the next few days, I can still say it was 'last month'. Come midnight Dec 31 it will be 'last year'. sigh -

These are the full set of shop photos for Happy Birthday. A total of 100 shots - 22 group and mixed and 13 for each member.

For some time in the lead up to my trip, the chance to purchase these photos was only News activity that was going to be possible while I was in Japan. Of course, a few weeks later they made the announcement of the tour and the shape of the world changed drastically.

But for anyone who may be missing some, or just wanting to check what they have. Here they are.

Group - 22 pics - MF

Yamapi - 13 pics - MF

Ryo - 13 pics - MF

Koyama - 13 pics - MF

Shige - 13 pics - MF

Massu - 13 pics - MF

Tegoshi - 13 pics - MF

ALL SETS - 100 pics - 46Mb - MU   -  MF

Tags: happy birthday, news, photos, scans, shop
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