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Toma in Grease - Audio clips and pamphlet scans

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Japan was the chance to see Toma live on stage in Grease!

It was the stage version of the show so it doesn't include a lot of the most famous songs that people know from the movie, but it was still a fun and entertaining evening.

Toma just lights up the stage and it was hard to look anywhere but at him when he was there, even if he wasn't front and centre. Greased Lightning was a real highlight thanks to some great choreography and tightly rehearsed dancing. Have to admit that through most of Summer Nights though my brain kept sending up flares ... "look it's Toma! It's Toma!"

Anyway here is just a taste of the show.

Pamphlet - MF


Song clips

Act 1
01  -  Opening / All Choked Up - MF
T-Birds, Pink Ladies, Students

02  - Summer Nights - MF
Danny, Sandy, T-Birds, Pink Ladies, Students

03  - Magic Changes - MF
Doody, Fantasy Girls, Fantasy Band, T-Birds

04  - Freddy My Love - MF
Marty, Pink Ladies

05  - Greased Lightning - MF
Kenickie, Danny, T-Birds

06  - Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee - MF

07  - We Go Together - MF
T-Birds, Pink Ladies

Act 2
01  - Shakin' at the High School Hop - MF

02  - Raining on Prom Night - MF
Jan, Sandy

03  - Hand Jive - MF
Vince Fontaine, Company

04  - Beauty School Dropout - MF
Teen Angel, Pink Ladies, Beauties

05  - All Choked Up (reprise) - MF
Danny, Sandy, Company

06  - We Go Together (reprise) - MF
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