inala (inala) wrote,

A few mag scans - Koyama, Shige & NEWS

Just sharing a bit of a catch up post with some mag pages from the last couple of months. There are a few Color Palett pages from TV Pia, as well as Lucky Seven from TV Guide and the story Josei Seven did on Koyama being a newscaster in the disaster areas.

Not quite a birthday post, but more of Koyama while he's still on our  minds.

TV Guide – 2012.02.24 – 5.4 Mb – MF

Josei Seven 2012.03.22 – 6.3 Mb – MF

TV Pia – various – 12.3 Mb – MF

Tags: koyama, magazine, scans, shige, tv guide, tv pia
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