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More gorgeous NEWS to share thanks to Duet, Potato and WinkUp.

Duet also presents us with the first actual pin-up of new NEWS. And it has been a while since I tackled a poster, but it was definitely a joy to be able to scan this one.

Let's hope the other magazines get the same idea over the next few months - especially if we finally get a new single. 

Duet 2012.02 - 18.3Mb - MF


Potato 2012.02 - 14.6Mb - MF

WinkUp 2012.02 - 15.2Mb - MF

Josei Seven 2012.01 - 3.7Mb - MF

TV Pia 2011.11.25 - 4.6Mb - MF
I had to scan this even though it's a little old - but my copy of this magazine has travelled back and forth a number of times between Japan and Australia - and it finally made it here.


Jan. 9th, 2012 12:44 pm (UTC)
OMG I never realised they wear so much make up Oo

They look god though, I hope they'll come back soon^^
Thank you^^