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Shige - With and +act.mini

Some more lovely Shige magazine appearances.

I've been waiting for him to appear in With magazine. It only seemed fair that since we're introduced to him in Hanawake no yon shimai taking photos for this magazine, that they take some photos of him - pity though that it wasn't a solo shoot.

The +act.mini spread it very nice though.

With 2011.09 - 7Mb - MF

+act.mini vol.14 - 6.2Mb - MF


Aug. 4th, 2011 02:27 pm (UTC)
Sugoii~~ Hontoni Ureshii desu~~ ^O^,i was hoping to see shige on "Act" magazine as from what I saw before, they always take Kakkoii & amazing shots & our handsome lawyer definitely deserves it *wink* ❤❤

and he didn't disappoint us ,he looks gorgeous ❤~ ,I loved those scans ^O^

Oh! I didn't know that "With " magazine was the one which been appeared in the drama ~ *either i lost my concentration at all *shy* or maybe because i watched it RAW till now XD -

Thanks a lot lovely Inala for everything ^O^,more than grateful like always my dear ^___^ ❤

Wishing you all the best~,Ganbatte~

Have a lovely day ♥