inala (inala) wrote,

May magazines - Duet, Potato, WinkUp

Another month of magazines and a particularly good haul, especially for KoyaShige fans. Not only do they appear in a spread in Potato, and NEWSPICE but they also get an extra 2 page spread in WinkUp.

This month there's also a poster in Duet. It's included in the zip - and in 2 sizes.

Potato also has 3 spread pages, though it's fairly obvious that only 2 of the 3 pairing were actually photographed together. The colour in the Yamapi and Ryo pages didn't really match but I've done my best to make them look like a double act though it's very obvious they weren't photographed under the same lighting conditions.

Duet 2011.05 - 22.4Mb - MF


Potato 2011.05 - 14.6Mb - MF

WinkUp 2011.05 - 18Mb - MF

Tags: duet, magazine, potato, scans, winkup
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