inala (inala) wrote,

A few Koyama and NEWS scans

Sharing a few miscellaneous scans from the past few months.

A little bit of Room 0, a little bit of Year of the Rabbit and a few pages related to the upcoming NEWS calendar (which I'm imagining we'll be starting to see leaks of by the end of the week).

I'm definitely looking forward to getting the new calendar in my hands next week.

TV Pia - 2010.12.19 - 2.8Mb - MF

Josei Seven - 2011.01.01 - 2.9Mb - MF

Josei Seven - 2011.01.27 - 3.7Mb - MF

Monthly Television - 2011.01.31 - 2.9Mb - MF

Tags: koyama, magazine, scans, tv pia
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