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NEWS LIVE Album Unplugged DVD Shop Photos

Back with set 2 of the shop photos released with the LIVE album and LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! DOME PARTY concerts.

The second set are from the shooting of the Unplugged DVD performances.

I should be posting the third set tomorrow and they feature photos from the shooting of the concert pamphlet and concert goods.

Group - 1.75Mb - MF

Yamapi - 5.6Mb - MF

Koyama - 7.1Mb - MF

Ryo - 6.5Mb - MF

Shige - 5.7Mb - MF

Massu - 5.2Mb - MF

Tegoshi - 7Mb - MF

All zips - 38.8Mb - MF / MU


Oct. 7th, 2010 09:29 pm (UTC)
Thank YOU♥
i like this^^