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NEWS LIVE Album Cover Shoot Shop Photos

Back to share the first of 3 sets of shop photos that were released on September 18 at the start of the LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! concerts.

There were a total of 300 official photos released which is even more than for the 3 sets released at the start of the Winter Party Diamond tour. Those photos were released October 2008 and it really hit me that we were only one month short of 2 years since the last concert tour kicked off ... so for those who will want to know ... yes, I bought them all.

The sets break down as follows:
  • LIVE album cover shooting
  • Unplugged DVD recording
  • Concert goods and pamphlet shoot
I will be posting all 3 sets over the next couple of days, starting here with the album set.

Group - 5.8Mb - MF

Yamapi - 5.4Mb - MF

Koyama - 5Mb - MF

Ryo - 5.25Mb - MF

Shige - 5.33Mb - MF

Massu - 5.95Mb - MF

Tegoshi - 5.4Mb - MF

All zips - 38Mb - MF / MU


Oct. 4th, 2010 05:14 am (UTC)
thanks, inala-san!!!!!!!!!
you're awesome. :*