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If NEWS had 3 versions of singles?

If NEWS had 3 versions of singles?

I know I don't usually use this lj for discussion but today I'd like to ask people a question.

How many single sales do you think NEWS is missing out on because there are only ever 2 versions of their singles,  and little difference between those two versions?

I'm not asking this as a comparative exercise between NEWS and any other JE group like KAT-TUN or Kanjani because you can't compare groups easily and you definitely can't compare totoal sales figures when there are extra versions for some fans to buy and not others.

What I am really interested in is the question of the extra sales NEWS would achieve if there were 3 versions available.

I was always impressed with whoever made the marketing decision for Kanjani in 2008 to go from 2 versions of a single to 3 with 2 Limited Edition DVD versions. And even smarter in a year when there was no concert dvd to include some concert solos.  Kanjani went from 194 000 first week sales for Wa Ha Ha to 347 000 first week sales for Musekinin Hero - I think definitely on the strength of 3 well put together versions. And even for Kyu Jo Show, which had less exciting inclusions, 2 DVD LE versions meant first week sales were around 270 000.

KAT-TUN has generally always had 3 versions of their singles, with a few exceptions, though their sales figures seem to vary wildly, possibly depending on inclusions, but again, management there are looking for angles that will sell more singles.

Someone makes the decision that 3 versions are the way to go, and then they make sure there is enough content to make it worthwhile for fans to buy at least the 2 LE versions if not all 3.

No one does that for NEWS.

It just seems crazy that they're filming the NEWS pvs and at least some behind the scenes footage and yet none of it even makes it on to a dvd for fans to keep and watch. What a pity there is no marketing plan for NEWS and seemingly no care from anyone to grow the brand.   It seems like such a waste.

So what I'm asking, and I'm not talking about attracting extra or new fans, just with the current fanbase, how many more singles could be sold if NEWS fans had the option of buying 3 versions? How many fans buys both versions now and would buy all 3? How many would just buy both LE versions? How many would buy 2 LE versions instead of just 1 LE version?

For example, starting with a current base of first week sales at 200,000  - say half of the purchasers buy both versions now and would buy 2 LE and 1 RE versions. That's an extra 70,000 sales to start with. And surely that sort of movement would also start to build interest and excitement for the future of the group.

I just think that if we do get Be Funky released as a single, it should be a Double A with a new song, and we should get  2 DVD versions both with pvs. It's not unheard of.

What do you think?

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