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Magazines - May Popolo & Myojo

Sharing the latest issues of Myojo and Popolo.

This month Myojo had 2 spreads and Popolo only had one - and it was good to see Yamapi in a photoshoot with another member again.

Myojo 2010.05 - 23.5Mb - MF

Popolo 2010.05 - 21.5Mb - MF



Mar. 27th, 2010 12:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks ... of course I'm not in Japan so I have to wait for my magazines to reach me. Fortunately these were released early enough in the week that they arrived yesterday (Friday). Usually though I have to wait out a weekend for my delivery if the release date is after Tuesday. Amazon don't ship till the day after something is due - whereas cdJapan is already packing and shipping our copies of Sakura Girl.