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Koyama and Shige Countdown pics - and more ...

Sharing a collection official Johnnys photos of Koyama and Shige, specifically from Countdown last year.

There are only a small selection of photos and they are mostly from the pre-broadcast portion of the Countdown concert when NEWS sang Akaku Moyuru Taiyo, Snow Express and Koi no ABO.

Also included, are the final sets of Koyama and Shige photos from Winter Party Diamond. I realised when I was in the Johnnys shop on my recent trip to Japan that I didn't have these - so here they are.

The Countdown photos are definitely of mediocre quality, but here they are.

Koyama - 10 photos - 5Mb - MF

Shige - 9 photos - 4.5Mb - MF

Bonus image - Massu - MF


Even though I was in Tokyo in February 2010, the Johnnys shop still had photos from Winter Party Diamond - and from the signboard in Koyama's hand you can see - from December 2008.

It struck me that this was the last time KoyaShige performed in a concert. Since then, the four other members of the group have performed on stage under other banners.

So ... here is a small taste of what we've been missing since NEWS last had any concerts and what we hope to see again - the sooner the better.

Koyama - 7.9Mb - MF

Shige - 7Mb - MF


Shige's page from Josei Jishin - MF

And lastly (from the same issue) ... a small tribute to the Soukon 4 ... also affectionately referred to (by a friend) as lesser members pandas. Because they are undeniably cute, adorable standing on their back legs (and running) and an endangered species!

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