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A Variety of Magazine Scans

Catching up on magazines after my trip. So quite a few things to be found here.

The latest issues of Duet, Potato, WinkUp and Seventeen, including the Yamapi posters in Duet and Potato.

Also 3 of the Josei Jishin NEWS Calendar countdown pages for Massu, Ryo and Koyama; Yamapi in Hanako; and a couple of other tv mag pages for Koyama and Massu.

Josei Jishin - 6.3Mb - MF

Hanako 2010.02.25 - 3.5Mb - MF

TV Mags - 5Mb - MF

Duet 2010.03 - 22.4Mb - MF

Potato 2010.03 - 24.3Mb - MF

WinkUp 2010.03 - 36.1Mb - MF

Seventeen 2010.03 - 7.6Mb - MF

Extra: From the art page of WinkUp
Just love Shige's expression!


Tags: duet, magazine, news, potato, scans, seventeen, winkup
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