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Latest Shop Photos - Yamapi, Koyama, Shige

Sharing scans of the latest shop photos of Yamapi, Koyama and Shige.

These are from the photo shoots done to get the photos that were photo-shopped together to make the Countdown uchiwa.

And I know it seems more important to me than to many fans that NEWS have the chance to be together as a group but it was disappointing to see in the Johnnys shop that the only photos available to purchase of NEWS as a group were a handful of pics from the Winter Party Diamond tour over a year ago. The Koi no ABO photos are no longer for sale.

Let's hope they make up for it with the Sakura Girl photos.

Yamapi - 19 photos - 7.7Mb - MF

Koyama - 22 photos - 8.9Mb - MF

Shige - 16 photos - 6.4Mb - MF



Feb. 24th, 2010 01:04 pm (UTC)
I understand how you feel. But don't loose hope, it's only Feb, and a lot might still happen within the year. ♥

Regarding the fans, if they are genuine supporters of NEWS, they will definitely come back. I can only speak about myself, but I keep and will keep supporting NEWS. I always pray and hope that there will be a lot of NEWS activities. ✰

I'm also planning to go to Japan, to watch NEWS concerts and activities. I hope to meet you personally and flail over them ♥

I hope you're okay already.. I'm just here, especially if you need to vent out =)