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Seventeen Magazine & Happy New Year!

I've scanned the relevant pages  of the latest issue of Seventeen (Feb 2010) - out a little bit early because of New Years.

More of Yamapi in New York and a New Years spread from NEWS.

The full double spread is below the cut, but I also cropped and cleaned up the graphic below for New Years as well. (Both versions of the NEWS spread are included for download).

Note: preview images are at 72dpi and much smaller than images for download

Yamapi - 3.3Mb - MF


Extra - cropped image - 1Mb - MF

Happy New Year! Here's to NEWS returning as a group soon!


Dec. 31st, 2009 06:34 am (UTC)
These are lovely. :) Thanks for your hard work in cleaning them up and setting them out for us. :) I will hope with you! Happy New Year to you, too!