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A bit of a varied collection of magazine scans to be found here.

There's the latest February 2010 issues of Myojo and Popolo. You may have seen my earlier comments about the trend in Popolo. I do believe that all the members are entitled to either a full page each, or a more creative use of limited space.

However, this latest issue had 27 pages of Arashi plus another double sided poster. And while Kat-tun only had 6 pages too, they were actually gathered as a group for their photos on these pages - something that happens so rarely for NEWS that it was even an editorial comment in Duet when wrapping up the last 12 months.

Yamapi has 10 pages of his solo concert in Arena 37ºC, and you'll also find a couple of TV mags that do feature a rare glimpse of 6 members together.

MYOJO - 25.6Mb - MF

POPOLO - 12.4Mb - MF

ARENA 37ºC - 2010-01 - 15Mb - MF

TV PIA  - 2009-12-19 - 16Mb - MF

TV GUIDE - 2009-12-19 - 8.6Mb - MF



Dec. 30th, 2009 04:10 am (UTC)
NEWS is my primary fandom, the only ones I follow with dedication and my wallet, and the only ones I scan and post here - with the very rare exception. So I only scan Ryo as part of NEWS and general stuff that would be of interest to NEWS fans not his pages as part of Kanjani.

So this is my little corner. I know there are communities like http://community.livejournal.com/boys_paper/
but I don't know what sort of variety of scans are there. I do see that a lot of them are at 600dpi so that's a good raw starting size if you want to clean them up and then size them into something more appropriate for viewing onscreen. I post my scans at 300dpi even though I think that's probably larger than they really need to be - but I've probably told you that before XD But the sample images I post here I keep to 72dpi cos that's all that's needed for viewing on lj.

However, if you see a particularly gorgeous Ryo from a Kanjani shoot (in the standard 5 mags) - ask me and I'll scan it, just don't leave it too long after the mag comes out because I also don't hang on to all the pages either once I've scanned the issue. I just don't have the room for full mags.
Dec. 30th, 2009 04:25 pm (UTC)
LOL ya i understand,, they r taking over our wallets and computers and everything ,we can't help it ne! lol о(ж>▽<)y ☆

ya i go to boys paper,but it's full of arshi mostly and other groups, news ,k8 and t&t r not there regularly every month >W< , and the K8 comm i'm in also not every month some one get them so i try to look around lol ,

awwww haii ^_^
well i only found 2010 Feb kanjani8 popolo but have water mark on ryo ~_~ buuuuu~
i don't know how he look like in the other magazines, i'll try to see ,,,
and thank you so much ^_^ i wanna hug you *huuuuuuugs* sorry Ryo driving me crazy trying to fallow him i have to fallow two groups, he is killing me (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆ but i like it lol

i hope you had a nice Christmas.