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Loveless cd scans

Of course I couldn't resist scanning the booklets/inserts that came with the Loveless cds.

Less than 48 hours now till the first concert ... but I'll be here at home, inspired by this cd ... moping around the house and staring meaningfully at a candle.

And waiting for reports ...

A - 2.2Mb - MF

B - 6.3Mb - MF

RE - 1.8Mb - MF




Nov. 24th, 2009 09:36 pm (UTC)
HONTONI arigatou gozaimashta soooo much 4 scanning and sharing these beautiful, sexy, & sensual scans of Pi's Loveless cd. *dies* @___@

You got me *panting*...lol <333 I'm a HUGE T&T fan so, a close friend of mine shared your LJ w/me to grab these scans from the cds. I bought myself Jkt C but, couldn't find A nor B. *sigh* And I think they're all sold out too now on cdjapan. Oh wellz...whatcha gonna do, u know? ~_~ I've become somewhat a newbie NEWS fan lately so, wanted to share in the love here w/my comment. <3 *peace sign*

Omgosh, I can't say enough of the music...WOWOW @___@ I had NO idea Pi could sing and write lyrics this way. Too bad he should try going mainstream to the U.S. and make an Engl. album. lolol He'd certainly do well, I think. ^_~ *wink*

*replaces Pi's voice w/Takki's instead, listening to 'Moon Light'*