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December magazines - Myojo and Popolo

December magazines already!

So these are scans of the NEWS pages from Myojo and Popolo December issues.

Time to take a deep breath before the November gets underway - why are we getting 6 months worth of activity and announcements all crammed into the one month?

Myojo - 19.4Mb - MF

Popolo - 26.1Mb - MF



Oct. 31st, 2009 08:03 am (UTC)
yup, when I got to those pages I couldn't figure how anyone could have missed them. So much red and black ...

But I guess the thing is that the scans of mags that get posted even before the release date, come from third party sources, so no one knows what pages we might be missing till you can hold the actual mags in your hands.

Mine got delayed this month - DHL instead of Fedex ... and the Fedex guy was getting totally used to my dog barking at him too!