October 25th, 2014


Magazines - Myojo & Popolo December & QLAP!

Sharing the latest issues of Myojo and Popolo as well as NEWS in QLAP!

The QLAP! is interesting because it’s a 3rd Anniversary SP - for both NEWS and QLAP! The first issue - Nov 2011 - went on sale the week after it was announced that NEWS would be continuing as a group of 4.  So NEWS is a very interesting choice for the anniversary, and it helps to remind us that three years has already passed since we had that momentous and emotionally charged change.

While it continues to remain a frustration for us all that they don’t release singles and have concerts every year like they once did, we never forget how the members have fought for NEWS all this time. We had a major event just this month though, with NEWS finally hosting their own variety show. Of course if it does get picked up as a regular show it may not be till the new TV season in April which means we may still have quite a wait for any news.


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