December 20th, 2012


January issues - NEWS and Koyama - QLAP, Songs, Best Stage

Another round of magazines featuring NEWS and Koyama.Sharing pages from QLAP, Songs and Best Stage - all the January 2013 issues.

These issues of QLAP and Songs were listed on jnet as specifically being for the promotion of the single, even though they only went into stores the weekend after the single was released. Still it's always nice to see NEWS getting a decent set of pages for a photospread.

Songs also has 5 pages of sheet music for WORLD QUEST and a one page melody and chords page for ポコポンペコーリャ. I haven't had a chance to try either of them out as yet, but they were a pleasant surprise.

QLAP and Best Stage feature stage photos of Koyama from Hello, Goodbye but the photos are again chosen so as to not give away the twist of the play. The full page photo from Best Stage though captures his original response to the meat, as opposed to his later change of heart as seen in the photos I posted earlier this month.

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