December 24th, 2011


Magazines - Popolo & Myojo February 2012 & some TV mags

Final post of magazine scans for 2011 (regardless of the dates on some of the magazines), and I'd just like to thank everyone for their patience and support throughout this difficult, depressing and frustrating year. Here's to 2012 and a year when NEWS can do more than gather together and eat so that magazines can take photos of them.

No, really ... it seems that most everyone had the same idea about NEWS and food. Maybe it's just easier because there are only 4 of them now, but it's time to step away from the kotatsu boys. I'm also hoping that the lack of the NEWS コミュ pages in Myojo this month is simply a one off.

So here's to 2012 and the very long awaited return of NEWS!

Lead us forward, oh KoyaLeader!

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