July 12th, 2011


August magazines - Duet, Potato, WinkUp & Best Stage

Back with another round of magazines.

Some quite colourful shoots this month. I particularly liked KoyaShige and their domestic camping fun. We get two sets of KoyaShige and TegoMasu shoots across the three magazines. And as much as it makes me extra happy when KoyaShige get to shoot together (these being the magazines they were doing when Koyama posted that photo of their hand on his jweb) - it's always the same 4 paired off and the other two on their own. Yamapi does look a bit sad "camping" on his own - how good would it have been for them to have a group camping shoot.

Best Stage has coverage of Shige's play, as do the other mags, though unfortunately no one has shown us the costume he wore that many people are keen to see. However, we do get to see some shots from Shige's drama where for many scenes, it seems a costume is really not required.

We're in the middle of a long, cold winter in my part of the world, so this round of magazines have definitely brightened things up, even though seeing NEWS as a group would do even more.

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