June 29th, 2011


Magazines - Popolo & Myojo Aug 2011 plus a little more Shige

Another round of magazines and the year really is getting away from us.

These are scans from the August issues of Myojo and Popolo, as well as a couple of other magazines (TV Pia and TVFan) featuring Shige in lead up publicity for his play that is due to start its Osaka season in a couple of days.

Also I've included the Marching J baseball report pages from TV Pia because they've been the most balanced of the pages I've seen in any magazines. Myojo and Popolo both had coverage, but it was mostly about how there was a match between Kame and the Red team. Unfortunately most of the coverage was like that, and while I realise that Johnnys focus has moved to solo favourites rather than groups these days, baseball is actually a team sport.

Watch for the cute pics of Nyanta in Myojo.

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