June 10th, 2011


July magazines - Duet, Potato, WinkUp

Another round of magazines and they're quite interesting this month. With there still being no sign of NEWS getting together as a group, even for a magazine shoot, the magazines have tried their own ways to present NEWS as more than just some random individuals.

Duet and WinkUp have come up with posters. The Duet one is made from shots taken with the main shoot, where they've also made an attempt to make it look like Yamapi and Ryo where photographed together, which they weren't. Both Potato and WinkUp decided that even on the solo pages, other members should appear to try and link them together.

I'm sure the magazines would love to have one set up and get all 6 members together and take photos as they interact. I know we'd love to see it. It's more work for everyone they way it is. As you can see on the WinkUp poster there are 3 photographers credited. And month after month it's obvious that NEWS is the only group that never gets together even though they all have to turn up for multiple photoshoots. It can't be an accident that it NEVER happens. You'd think there would be a few times in more than half a year where it was possible to get everyone together for a few hours.

But at least we still get them all every month, so enjoy the lovely pics.

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