May 3rd, 2011


Magazines - Popolo & Myojo June 2011

After some frustrating delays this month, here finally are the latest issues of Popolo and Myojo - brought to you courtesy of my new iMac (same old scanner though). Time to spare a moment of thanks for my old one that worked so tirelessly to do all the other scans that I've posted on my lj - farewell Duo.

As for the scans. Myojo had a couple of spreads that I didn't realise were spreads from the preview scans until I had them in my hands. A number of people have asked me about doing spreads from magazines and if you're looking to give it a go, I'd definitely recommend Myojo as long as you're prepared to pull your magazine apart. Myojo is one of the few magazines that actually gives you overlap between the two pages so you don't need to create the missing bits of the image as required usually when you join pages together.

Popolo though ... does give us a spread this month but again, it looks like they've let the work experience kid have a go at it.

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