August 14th, 2010


September magazines - Duet, Potato, WinkUp, Seventeen

In all the excitement of concerts and albums and dvds, I've managed to get the latest round of magazines scanned.

And it looks like the mags are going to get better from here. cdJapan already has details up for October Duet and they're listing NEWS as both Cover and a poster!  It's been over a year since NEWS has been on the cover of any of the main 5 mags (though Popolo doesn't count cos it always has tiny head shots of everybody - and larger ones of Arashi). And at least we know they've all been together so we should be looking at a 'REAL' group shot.

It really is starting to feel like NEWS is back, and maybe more since in his jweb entry last night Koyama referred to the "new NEWS"!

Anyway, here you'll find the September issues of Duet, Potato, Winkup and Yamapi's pages of Seventeen. As well the Yamapi posters from Potato and Winkup.

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