inala (inala) wrote,

NEWS Magazines - February 2020

Sharing another batch of scans from early 2020.
These were mainly promotional shoots for the release of the Story album.
Sharing scans from TV Guide, The Television, TV Life and others. Thanks once again to Ria for the raw scans.

2020.01 STORY  --  6.9Mb  --  MEGA

2020.02.28 TV Guide  --  7.6Mb  --  MEGA

2020.03.06 The Television  --  18.4Mb  --  MEGA

2020.03.06 TV Guide  --  37.2Mb  --  MEGA

poster 1

poster 2

2020.03.13 TV LIFE  --  23.5Mb  --  MEGA

Tags: magazine, scans, story, the television, tv guide, tv life

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