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NEWS Magazines - January 2020

I know it’s been a while, and I have to admit I hadn’t realised just how long, but I’m finally back with another batch of scans.

Like everyone this year has been a very difficult one for me. My mother passed away suddenly in January and things just haven’t really recovered. But I am pressing on. If you’ve been following koyama_daily or koyashigedake you’ll know that I’ve been trying to keep up with videos but my scanning has suffered.

But I still plan on working through the pile of things I have on hand from magazines, to official photos, to concert goods. And hopefully I will soon have a bit more time to put into those activities.

I also wanted to let everyone know that recent changes to NEWS won’t impact on what I have on hand to scan. We’ve been through so many changes to the group over the years and each period is unique and special in its own way. So I will still be posting what I have on hand featuring NEWS as a four member group.

So sharing here a batch of magazine scans from the start of 2020. And once again thanks to Ria for the raws.

TV Guide 2019.11.22  --  17.1Mb  --  MEGA

TV Fan 2019.12.31  --  5.3Mb  --  MEGA

Gekkan TV Guide 2020.01.01  --  5.3Mb  --  MEGA

TV Guide 2020.01.02  --  12.3Mb  --  MEGA

TV Guide 2020.01.10  --  12.1Mb  --  MEGA

Gekkan TV Guide 2020.01.31  --  17.9Mb  --  MEGA

poster 1

poster 2

Gekkan TV Navi 2020.01.31  -- 20Mb  --  MEGA

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