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NEWS Magazines - October 2019

I’m back with another round of scans and a few announcements of sorts.

Firstly, I’d like to give a big thank you to Ria who has kindly volunteered her assistance. My ability to access magazines is not as good as it has been in the past so she is providing the raw scans for editing of the most recent mags. And it is thanks to her that this batch of scans are posted. I’d like to thank her again for the time and effort it took to determine the best scan settings and for wrangling those huge magazine pages that are too large for an A4 scanner.

I still have a backlog of magazines and photos on hand to be scanned and I will continue to work through those, around the new scans that I now have on hand to edit. I still believe that having a place like livejournal where content remains available and accessible days and weeks after it is posted is an important resource for fans and it is why I’ve stuck with livejournal even though it’s fallen out of favour with many.

In this post are recent issues of QLAP, TV Guide plus, TV LIFE, TV LIFE Premium and TVnavi SMILE.

QLAP 2019.11  --  13.7Mb  --  MEGA

TV Guide plus - 2019 Vol.36  --  37.3Mb  --  MEGA

TV LIFE 2019.11.01  --  11Mb  --  MEGA

TV LIFE Premium - 2019 Vo;.29  --  46.3Mb  --  MEGA

TVnavi SMILE - 2019 Vol.34  --  27.9Mb  --  MEGA

Tags: magazine, qlap, scans, tv guide, tv life, tvnavi
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