inala (inala) wrote,

Magazines - Catch Up - mid 2018


I haven't disappeared down a black hole, and I haven't given up my goal of getting caught up with all the photos, magazines etc that I have on hand. Life has just been a bit challenging for a while and the future is still quite uncertain. But there's still plenty of lovely NEWS to brighten the day.

Anyway, these are a group of magazines from the middle of 2018. Better late than never.

Songs 2018.07  --  34Mb  --  MEGA

The Television 2018.06.22  --  23.5Mb  --  MEGA

TVfan 2018.07.31  --  18.4Mb  --  MEGA

TVGuide+ 2008.08  --  32.3Mb  --  MEGA

TV Guide 2018.06.22  --  23.9Mb  --  MEGA

TVLIFE 2018.06.29  --  18.6Mb  --  MEGA

Tags: magazine, scans, songs, the television, tv fan, tv guide, tv life
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