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More Yamapi mag scans

As promised earlier, here are another batch of scans from the current crop of magazines featuring Yamapi in the lead up to Buzzer Beat.

Magazines included in this post are Ginza, Gyao, Hanako, Nikkei Entertainment and Saita.

It's just so good to see him back on the pages of magazines and in a variety of looks.

Ginza Aug 09 - 9.7Mb - MF

Gyao Aug 09 - 4Mb - MF

Hanako July 23 09 - 2.6Mb - MF

Nikkei Entertainment Aug 09 - 5.2Mb - MF

Saita Aug 09 - 4.6Mb - MF



Jul. 17th, 2009 09:24 pm (UTC)
absolutely, help yourself!