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Aug 09 - Duet, Potato & Winkup

Another selection of scans, as the subject suggests, the latest magazines.

These feature not only the usual NEWS shots, but also much publicity for both Yamapi and Ryo's new dramas.

Also the Duet pages turned out to mostly be spreads, so I've joined those pages together also.

I will also be posting more Yamapi scans in the very near future. So stay tuned.

Duet - 27.5Mb - MF


Potato - 23.2Mb - MF

Winkup - 17.8Mb - MF



Jul. 15th, 2009 04:50 pm (UTC)
thank you for sharing the scans.

I love how you have joined the pages for Duet. They look so perfect especially YamaPi. ^__^

I cannot wait for more YamaPi scans.

I love your scans are they are huge and clear.