inala (inala) wrote,

Magazines - March 2018 [1] - Myojo, Popolo, BITEKI

Apologies for how far behind I am on magazines ... I will get caught up eventually, and unfortunately one of the reasons for that is that NEWS have now officially 'graduated' from the main 5 magazines - Duet, Potato, WinkUp, Myojo and Popolo.
However, I still have a couple of months for each of those mags to catch up on, and here are the March issues of Myojo, Popolo and BITEKI.

Myojo 2018.03  --  19.4Mb  --  MEGA

Popolo 2018.03  --  11.2Mb  --  MEGA

BITEKI2018.03  --  5.5Mb  --  MEGA

Tags: biteki, magazine, myojo, popolo, scans
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