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Magazines - Koyama 2017 24hr TV

Sharing a collection of magazines mainly related to the promotion for this years 24hr TV for which Koyama appeared as one of the main personalities.

Magazines in this batch - Josei Seven, Monthly The Television, Monthly TV Guide, Sunday Mainichi, TVfan, TV Guide, TV LIFE, TVnavi.

Josei Seven 2017.08  --  4.9Mb  -- MEGA

Monthly The Television 2017.10  --  12Mb  -- MEGA

Monthly TV Guide 2017.10  --  13.9Mb  -- MEGA

Sunday Mainichi 2017.09.03  --  15.6Mb  -- MEGA

TVfan 2017.10  --  9.9Mb  -- MEGA

TV Guide 2017.08.11  --  2.8Mb  -- MEGA

TV Guide 2017.08.25  -- 15.6Mb  -- MEGA

TVLIFE 2017.09.08  --  17.4Mb  -- MEGA

TVnavi 2017.10  --  20.8Mb  -- MEGA



Sep. 26th, 2017 12:49 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lot! I didn't catch every last one of these magazines (and there is just a certain amount of tv program guides you can buy before it gets weird XD) but they are all really nice! Thanks!