inala (inala) wrote,

2017 TV Magazines [1]

Sharing a collection of TV magazines from the start of 2017 featuring NEWS and Shige for his drama role in Kirawareru Yuuki.

Magazines in this batch -- TVfan, TVfan CROSS, The Television, The Television ZOOM, TVnavi, TVLIFE Premium and TV Guide.

Shige has had quite a lot of magazine coverage from this drama, not only in the tv magazines but also in the more high end fashion magazines. It's the kind of coverage of a member in a drama role that we have seen for six or seven years.

The Television ZOOM 2017 Vol.27  --  6.2MB  -- MEGA

The Television 2017 No.2  --  5.8Mb  -- MEGA

TVfan 2017.03  --  5.3Mb  -- MEGA

TVfan CROSS 2017.02  --  17Mb  -- MEGA

TV Guide 2017.01.13  --  3.1Mb  -- MEGA

TVLIFE Premium 2017 Vol.20  --  15.8Mb  -- MEGA

TVnavi Smile 2017.02  -- 20.1Mb  -- MEGA

Tags: magazine, scans, the television, tv fan, tv guide, tv life, tvnavi
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