inala (inala) wrote,

2016 Magazine Catch-Up [3] - Koyama & Shige magazines

Sharing a few magazines from the end of 2016 featuring Shige and Koyama.

Shige appeared in Loaded, a fashion magazine, as well as Loaded. Koyama was in magazine local to where he grew up, Sagamihara Walker which was also carried in the Yokohama Walker.

Loaded Vol 30  --  27.5Mb  -- MEGA

Person Vol 25  --  15.8Mb  -- MEGA

Sagamihara Walker Dec 2016  -- 11.3Mb  -- MEGA

Yokohama Walker Dec 2016  --  5.1Mb  -- MEGA

Tags: koyama, magazine, scans, shige
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