inala (inala) wrote,

Magazine Catch Up - TV Mags. anan, mina

Catching up on a batch of magazine scans.

In this batch are TV Guide, Monthly TV Guide, The Television, anan and mina.

Hopefully I will be able to continue to work away at the backlog of magazines and photos that I have on hand, but NEWS is still keeping us so busy.  It's been quite an amazing year so far and there's still a quarter of it to go.

2016.07 TV Guide  --   22.3Mb  -- MEGA

2016.08 The Television (various)  --   19.9Mb  -- MEGA

2016.08 TV Guide  --   5.8Mb  -- MEGA

 2016.08 anan  --   21Mb  -- MEGA

2016.09 Monthly TV Guide  --  10.9Mb  -- MEGA

2016.10 mina  --  12.6Mb  -- MEGA

Tags: anan, mina, the television, tv guide
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