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Sharing the September issues of AneCan and Nikkei Entertainment which both had features on NEWS.

Nikkei Entertainment had quite a spread that featured 3 small posters.

Both magazines take good advantage of having NEWS together as a group, which has been difficult for a large part of the year due to their busy individuals schedules.

AneCan 2016.09  --  27.7Mb  -- MEGA

Nikkei Entertainment 2016.09  --  49.9Mb  -- MEGA

poster 1

poster 2

poster 3



Nov. 5th, 2016 10:42 pm (UTC)
One more question Inala, im so annoying
that nikkei entertainment mag, i found like two different magazines (but with the same name, same issue date)on amazon and they both have news on their covers, here they are:



the second one is of course the one that youve posted here. but then the first mag has uhmm im guessing it's 'poster 2' on its cover??
Im so sorry, I so want to have all those three posters, should i get both magazines to get them all or???

thank you..

p/s: thank you sooo much for sharing all these.
Nov. 6th, 2016 12:52 am (UTC)
That's OK this one is a bit confusing.

It actually came in two different sized magazines. The one I scanned was the larger more glossy version of the magazine. And the other is a smaller version of the same thing. You can see by the price and the product dimensions on the amazon site.

Otherwise they just used different shots for the cover. I'd certainly recommend the larger more glossy mag for a better quality. But the posters aren't that large, not like the size that would come from a regular idol magazine.

Hope that helps.