inala (inala) wrote,

QUARTETTO Album Shop Photos

Sharing the full set of official shop photos for the release of the QUARTETTO album.

There were essentially two sets within this photo release - one from the shooting of the album covers and one from the Theme of QUARTETTO PV.

All the group photos but one are from the album cover shooting, whereas the members have 6 solo shots from each (12 in total).

Group  --  5.5Mb  -- MEGA

Koyama  --  7.5Mb  -- MEGA

Shige  --  7.2Mb  -- MEGA

Massu  --  7.7Mb  -- MEGA

Tegoshi  --  7.8Mb  -- MEGA

ALL Photos in one ZIP  --  35.6Mb  -- MEGA

Tags: photos, quartetto, scans, shop
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