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NEWS Mags - Gekkan Songs, TV Guide, The Television and Koyama in Stage Square Extra

Sharing a collection of recent magazines featuring NEWS promotion the release of the Hikari no Shizuku / Touch single. Magazines include Gekkan Songs, TV Guide, The Television and Stage Square Extra.

Gekkan Songs which had a cover and feature on NEWS as well as the piano score for White Love Story.

TV Guide also has some major coverage as well as 2 small posters. The Stage Square Extra is a round up of stage appearances for 2015 and so has the final coverage of Koyama and Great Nature.

Gekkan Songs 2016.02  --  34.5Mb  -- MEGA

Stage Square Extra 2015  --  6.1Mb  -- MEGA

TV Guide 2016.01.19  --  33.1Mb  -- MEGA

poster 1

poster 2

The Television 2016.01.29  --  16.2Mb  -- MEGA

Tags: magazine, scans, songs, stage square, the television, tv guide
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