inala (inala) wrote,

Magazines - January 2016 [1]

Sharing NEWS in the first regular mags for next year - Myojo & Popolo.

Also sharing the January issues of CanCam and Biteki. NEWS has a new regular monthly appearance in Biteki and while the first issue has the whole group, it appears that it will work a lot like Lettuce Club - each issue will note which members will be in the next month's issue.

Myojo 2016.01  --  31.5Mb  -- MEGA

Popolo 2016.01  --  20.5Mb  -- MEGA

Biteki 2016.01  --  16.1Mb  -- MEGA

CanCam 2016.01  --  21Mb  -- MEGA

Tags: biteki, cancam, magazine, myojo, popolo, scans
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