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Visiting the Koyama Ramen Shop

Following my post (here) about my friends and I visiting the ramen shop, many people asked me for more information about getting there.

So I've finally put this post together to add a little from my experiences to the information already circulating on the net from other fans. It was thanks to other fan reports that we were able to find our way there.

So as people probably already know, it's the Ryutaro Ramen Shop lcoated in Sobudai-mae and they're open Monday to Saturday from 7pm (and you can see this information on the menu along with the phone number)

This is the English version of the menu:

Getting to Sobudai-mae

Obviously the train connections you'll need to make will depend on where you're starting out from.

Sobudai-mae is on the Odakyu-Odawara Line (小田急小田原線) which runs from Shinjuku to Odawara.

The ramen shop is marked with the star on the left.

The night my friends and I went, we were coming from Odawara after a day trip to Mt Fuji. But afterwards, to get back to our hotel in Tokyo we took the Local line to Machida and then changed to the Odakyu Odawara Line Exp. to Shinjuku.

My major recommendation though is that you plan your excursion with the Hyperdia website:

Just click on the English link in the top left hand corner of the page and then enter your starting point and SOBUDAIMAE (it took me a few tries to work out what spelling the website was looking for). It will offer you a variety of routes and connections to any place you're looking to get, just play around with the travel times till you find an option with the least amount of sections.

I always use this site extensively for any trip to Japan, especially last time when we were needing to get from Tokyo to Sendai and Osaka to Fukui for NEWS concerts, as well as leaving our organised day trip in Odawara and heading back to Tokyo via Sobudai-mae.

Approaching our destination. The display inside the train telling us it's the next stop (in hiragana, kanji and romaji).

When you reach the station, take the North Exit

Once down on the street it's very close by. This photo is taken from the station and the restaurant sign is the yellow one on the right under the rainbow sign.

Getting closer ...

And looking back to the staion

Before our trip I also played around with finding the location on Google Street View, where you can see that you just head in under the sign and the restaurant is at the back of the alcove.

We were lucky the night we went that there was no queue, in fact there were only a couple of people inside eating. So we just headed to the back. It definitely started to fill up as time passed but there was still no queue when we left after a couple of hours.

So here are a couple of final pics from inside (pics of our food can be found in my earlier post).


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