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Magazines - April 2017 [1]

Sharing the April issues of Myojo, Popolo and BITEKI.

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Sharing scans of the more photogenic parts of the NEVERLAND album.

Scans are from both the LE and RE as well as the two postcards that came with both the albums.

The scans are all in one zip.

And I scanned the backs of the postcards, but didn't include them in the previews cos they are less 'photogenic'.

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Shige Magazine Scan Update

Sharing another batch of magazines, this time all featuring Shige as part of the promotion for his drama role.

These are a selection of mainly non-television related magazines and feature a variety of shoots and a fair number of two page Shige spreads - never a bad thing.

Magazines in this batch - +act, BAILA, ESSE, J Movie, Story and The Television Colors Purple.

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Magazines - March 2017 [2]

Sharing the March issues of Duet, Potato and WinkUp.

Duet has a small fold out poster.


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2017 TV Magazines [2]

Catching up with another round of TV magazines from the start of the year, mostly related to Shige's drama and the release of EMMA.

This batch includes - Monthly TV Guide, Monthly TVnavi, The Television, TV Guide, TV Station, TVLIFE.

There are also two group posters in The Television and NEWS scored a few covers as well.


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2017 TV Magazines [1]

Sharing a collection of TV magazines from the start of 2017 featuring NEWS and Shige for his drama role in Kirawareru Yuuki.

Magazines in this batch -- TVfan, TVfan CROSS, The Television, The Television ZOOM, TVnavi, TVLIFE Premium and TV Guide.

Shige has had quite a lot of magazine coverage from this drama, not only in the tv magazines but also in the more high end fashion magazines. It's the kind of coverage of a member in a drama role that we have seen for six or seven years.

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Magazines - March 2017 [1]

Sharing the March issues of Myojo, Popolo and BITEKI.

It's Shige's turn in BITEKI this month.

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EMMA Shop Photos

Sharing the full set of 55 photos for the release of EMMA.

There are 11 mixed and group photos as well as 11 solo shots for each member.

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Sharing a few magazines from the end of 2016 featuring Shige and Koyama.

Shige appeared in Loaded, a fashion magazine, as well as Loaded. Koyama was in magazine local to where he grew up, Sagamihara Walker which was also carried in the Yokohama Walker.

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Magazines - February 2017 [2]

Sharing the issues of Duet, Potato and WinkUp for February.

And still plenty of other magazines to catch up on. We'll get there - hopefully before the tour starts!

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